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360 Tune Box is proudly in partnership with Filmbox Live to bring you 6 unique channels all in one package. 

Watch via PC, Smart TV, Tablet, Smart Phone, Playstation 3 and XBox services.

The Filmbox Live package contains the following channels:

  • 360 Tune Box - Addressed to fans whose musical interests go beyond the mainstream array of popular artists!
  • Docubox - World culture, wildlife, history, popular science, and more.
  • Fightbox - Concentrating on being a martial arts Channel for all fight lovers.
  • Fashionbox - Hottest catwalks and fashion TV shows.
  • Fast&Funbox - Action-packed, adrenaline-inducing medley of extreme sports.
  • Filmbox Arthouse - The first worldwide movie channel featuring artistic and independent films.