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Novelle Stephenson

What makes this channel different from other music

We are all about the artist. It was important to create a platform
that the independent artist can call home and be comfortable being
themselves without the enormous pressures of commercial success
out the gate. I don’t believe the only type of success is commercial.
I mean there is nothing wrong with having commercial success but
there are other metrics that are normally overlooked. We are different
because we are committed to the artist in their developmental stage.
At this level of the artists’ career, larger music channels would most
likely over look them. We want to become the premier destination
for these overlooked artists. We want to help these artists reach a
wider audience while cultivating their fan base and hopefully have a
long career.

How do you select artists and videos featured on this
channel? What are the basic criteria? What are you looking

Frist and foremost, it’s all about the ability to identify talent. We look
for artists whose talent speaks for itself. It doesn’t need gimmicks,
huge video budgets or anything like that. A true artist will shine if
they’re preforming in front of two people or twenty-two thousand people.
I look for the “it thing” or some would call it the “X factor.” So
I keep my ears to the streets, having a pulse on what’s bubbling
before it becomes mainstream. I naturally like all types of music, so
I guess that helps. I was also fortunate to have started in the music
industry as an intern at one of the hottest recording studios in New
York City at the time. I worked all different types of sessions. For
instance, I would work a jingle in the morning, assist on a Luther Vandross
session in the afternoon and later that night, work on a Madonna
remix session, so with this type of exposure I also like diversity.

Is there any particular genre that you want to promote more
than the others? Why?

Hmmmmm I wouldn’t say there is a particular genre. I mean, we are
not a country music network. Nothing is wrong with this genre but
that’s not what we do. I want us to be known as the destination for
great music period; a good representation of pop culture and the
world around us. As we continue to expand the network, our viewers
will see a nice mixture of styles they can relate to. Everyone has to
tune in and see. I’m sure viewers won’t be disappointed. Picture the
network being an iPod on shuffle mode.

Is it possible to create a music channel that could satisfy
audiences worldwide? How do you want 360TuneBox to
achieve this goal? Is there a universe taste that you want to

That’s a great question. I believe good music is universal. I’ve been to countries where the kids do not speak English but they know all
the words to a hit song. It can be a hit song from America or Jamaica
it really doesn’t matter. If something is HOT, there’s no denying it. Music
transcends color, religion, traditions and geographic boundaries.
360TuneBox goal is help to expand artists, music and culture in a
way taste-makers whether from America, Europe, Africa or the Caribbean
will say, 360TuneBox, I’m feeling that! Lol

What is the primary target group that this channel wants to

I would say our core target group is 16-49 years old, but we are much
more than this targeted demographic. I can see someone in their
50s and older watching us too. The music we are delivering speaks to
a wider audience because of the diversity of the programing.