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The Ploy

The debutant album of The Ploy is the combination of the musicians distinct visions and individual ambitions. A big part of the dedication for the final sound of each and every music piece goes to the outstanding music producer Bartek Szczęsny, not only known for his work in his band Rebeka but also for the production of the first premiering music album of KAMP!. The Ploy’s first single, Use the gun, had it's premier in January 2014, with its music video being a co-production of Red Bull and Vintage Records Studio in Porażyn. 

The Ploy - it's a new thriving band in the polish alternative scene, composed of three young musicians originating from Poznan: Iwo Borkowicz (band leader, vocalist and song writer,already accomplished with a solo project on his own), Stafan Czerwinski (guitarist, base and keyboard/piano instruments) and last but not least Andrzej Zujewicz (drums, trumpet). Together they create alternative rock, mixed up with some pop and a touch of electronic sound.

Meanwhile they are on a creative search for a distinct sound of music which is to move the listeners sensitivity but yet just be a simple song. One can hear strong inspiration by The Kooks, The Editors, as well as a rich input of the legendary band The Cure.